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me an alice as searched our german atlas but can find no trace of a place called hymer. is it a good place to spend a week, us is looking for a change from france. and if us can get the van serviced while us is there, so much the beter. itll av to be a lot cheaper than penberthys place in loswithiel tho, as by the time ouur ol a class gets there itll need two services.


good luck fred

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Hi Fred The place that i am going to in germany is called BAD WALDSEE it is in southern Germany, Hymer the moterhome makers have a large factory there and they service the vehicle for half the price of the U/K companeys. And you get a free place to park for the time that you stay there. Derrick
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Hi DeandDem


We spend a lot of our touring time in our Hymer in Germany.


Great places in and around Bad Waldeese - Hymer H.O. - as you are in Bavaria & surrounding places.

Have you been to King lugwig's castles in "Neuschwanstein"(Walt Disney's/Cinderella's castle is built on this theme) and around the Fussen area.?

There is also the famous "Eagle's Nest"-!!! with beautifu views across the mountains.

Also you will be not a miilion miles away from "Bodensee" also know as lake Constantine which is a massive lake-largest in Germay- with many pretty areas to tour.

This area is also known for it's Cuckoo clocks!!

There is a very pretty drive through the rock caves around "Stigmartin" also within easy reach.

Plenty do do - books available from most stores like Waterstones - which will give you many ideas.

You can contact me if you need further help

Hope you enjoy the area, you will want to go back time and time again.!!




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Thanks Brian for that information, I will try to look up one or two places when i am there in July/Augast. the last time i was in Germany was in the earley 1970s. I expect a lot has changed since then.



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