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I am looking for help in finding a moterhome hire company that does not cost the earth to hire a moterhome for a month in August to visit Italy.

The vehicle is not for me it is for a family who are intrested in purchesing one at a later date that is if they get on well with the life style of moterhoming.



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Hi Derrick


Dependent where the family live.

Many hire contacts available in MMM.

Not too sure whether they allow these to go abroad or not.

Another option would be to hire whilst in Europe, again there are adverts for these in MMM.

If not then you can use the wibbly wobbly web to search for m'home hirers.



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Hi Deeandem,

Try Pronto vehicle rentals, they have just started hiring motorhomes.

Call Bob Thomas on 02920851177


I have nothing to do with Pronto, they do inspections on my lorry for me.


Tell him Mark one plastics told you to call.


P.S. forgot to say, they are in south wales

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Hi Deeandem

If you go to the Business Directory on this site (approx middle of the hand listingon the left) and then select "Motorhome Hire" from the drop down menu of the Services box, you will find a N.o of Hire companies with their Contact No's



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They'll need to do some planning!  It is quite a way to Italy from UK, so a lot of driving and not so much holiday interest if there are children, and they are restricted to two or three weeks. 

I'd also add that although the Italian autostradae are generally good, many of the non-autostrada roads, especially in the Alps/ Dolomites/ lakes/ Apennines (which is a lot of Italy), are quite narrow, and Italian driving, unless they are used to it, may turn them all into gibbering wrecks in a hired, and still fairly unfamiliar, motorhome!

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