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Janet East Riding

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Hi Janet,


We made the same mistake and ended up as "empress" instead of Gigi, chosen as we have a French made van. They both sound equally silly so decided not to attempt a change - we might have ended up with something worse. I think Janet East Riding sounds very important - it has an historical ring! I expect the forum boss will help you on Monday.





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If you go into the "Announcements" section of the forum (that's the one above the "Chatterbox" section) you'll find postings from the "OAL Moderator". If you look towards the bottom of any of these postings you'll find a box marked "PM" and clicking on this will allow you to send a Private Message to the Moderator.


I'm not sure if it's possible for a registered name to be changed - I think you have to re-register under a different name - but, if you PM the Moderator (who may otherwise miss your question in the Chatterbox forum) about it he/she can confirm what needs to be done.


Alternatively you could stay with "Janet East Riding" which I think has a rather posh ring to it.

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