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Folding Campers


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cutler - 2007-05-17 10:45 PM


hi, I go camping with a folding camper and love it, so much better than sleeping on an airbed in our leaky Outwell Colorado5! has anyone else got a folding camper?


I dont have one myself but i spent many happy nights in my parents Conway Tardis. It was already 10 years old when they bought it and they kept it for another 13 years but in all that time it never let us down once and took everything a family of four could throw at it. Prior to the tardis all our family camping was done in an old Lichfield frame tent, which whilst fun was a pain to put up and down and a nightmare if we had to put it away wet.


I would urge anyone considering buying a large tent or trailer tent for family camping (especially if u need to sleep more than 4 people) to consider a folding camper instead. Easier and more comfy than a big tent and without all the tedious pegging on a big trailer tent yet still keeping that essential "under canvas experience.


Mum and dad are now on the look out for a smaller folding camper now that they dont have to take us kids with them anymore!!

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Had a folding camper before we got the van, also had a trailer tent before that.

Trailer tent takes 3 hours to erect and is huge most of the time so feels colder. Folding camper took us around an hour with water to fill etc.


If you go for any I would go for a Conway Crusader or the equivalent in the Trigano, they both have loos and that was the biggest problem we had. You could go somewhere late at night but you still needed the awning in order to have your loo as there is not much room within the base of the folding camper. If you plan on only going in the summer and going to sites where there are toilets and shower nearby then it won't be a problem but we like to go on the more remote places and to Rallys with CC&C and many of their sites have little if any facilities.


Check the poles or get them to guarantee that they are in working order as this was the main thing to go with ours, I would also get waterproofing for the canvas and do it as soon as you get it, it does last along time but not many bother and the canvas can soon wear out and leak, which we had experience of.


We sold both ours on Ebay and got amazing prices, the trailer tent went to a guy who didn't want to see it and just came picked it up off the drive without checking a thing. The Folding camper went to an elderly gentleman who had bid way above what his son had told him and turned up in a tiny little car that was at its limit for towing weights, he son was not amused. They where going back to Pembrokeshire with it, they did make it and left lovely feedback so his wife must have been happy.


If you need more info just let me know.





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Derek Uzzell - 2008-01-30 9:05 AM




There appear to be conceptual differences between a "folding camper" and a "trailer tent", though it's quite possible that people will treat the terms as synonyms.


You might find the following link helpful:





I have been told what the "difference" is;

When you book onto a site it is a tent for those sites & on a caravan site it is a folding camper. So it is for costs only :D :D :D

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Derek Uzzell - 2008-01-30 6:35 PM




I've no practical experience whatsoever of trailer tents/folding campers, but, unless all the electrics are 230V, you will need a transformer.


For a folding camper or even a tent, if you want to use electric appliances, kettle toaster lighting etc, you can buy a hook-up lead that is fitted with the safety RCD unit, pricewise I think £45 to £50.

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Hi, There is confusion between terms folding camper and trailer tent. However, a folding camper does not require pegging out before use while a trailer tent does.

I agree with Mandy&Andy - trailer tents can take a long time to pitch and this put me off getting one. That is until Camperlands introduced me to the Camp-Let Concorde. This gem pitches in under 15 minutes. I have since found similar models but none have the quality. Unfortunately, I cannot justify getting one yet.

Camping magazine will be featuring the Camp-Let Savanne in Febuary issue and the new Trigano Odysee in March. This is a huge trailer tent that again can be pitched very quickly.

I did use a Comanche for a spell. This folding camper pitched in about five minutes but was very basic and was not built very well.




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Guest scorpion_ne_uk

We have a Cabanon Trailer tent which is a brilliant piece of kit. We have had it for 2 years now bought from new after upgrading from tents of all shapes and sizes.


With 2 children aged 5 and 2 it's very useful. The size when fully up is larger than a caravan with awning. There are no electrics built into a trailer tent but we do use electric hook up for some things (my low voltage light, and charging phones) but that's about all. We do have a portaloo which stays in the cabin area and is used by the kids mainly.


I can't understand why some people take over 1 hour to put these units up as ours including the awning takes 30 mins with me and my wife. Simplicity with only three zipped in poles and zipped in groundsheet.


I am often set up on site drinking a cuppa by the time most caravans have put down the corner steadies and hooked up the gas and water.




Mark B



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