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Indoor TV Aerial


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Has anyone got a recommendation regarding the best indoor TV aerial for use in a campervan?


I'm about to take delivery of a brand new camper and decided not to have a flying saucer on the roof!


I guess a directional aerial mounted on the roof would give the best picture, but I only use the aerial if I'm on a campsite without an aerial socket by the mains hookup.


I've heard the Grade Compact (£20) is supposed to be good as well as the "Magic Circle" aerial (£10).


I'd be grateful for any feedback from actual users of these or any other aerial that gives a good picture.


Also, the manufacturers claim they can be used for Freeview. If so are they any good?


Thanks in advance.

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Any indoor aerial will only be any use in a strong signal area. If you are more than a couple of miles from the nearest transmitter you are unlikely to get a decent picture using one, especially if your motorhome has aluminium cladding on the walls and roof. Personally I use a cheap domestic aerial on a telescopic pole that clips onto brackets mounted on the side of the 'van.



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