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Banks & Quandries!!

Thai Bry

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Just finished a conversation with my bank about an account.

Just wanted to set up internet banking, but was told that I would also need to set up telephone banking on the same account.

Fair enoughs says I - now comes the curve ball.!!

Can't be done as the account has not been used for nearly a year.!! The last time it was used was when I opened the account to pay in a large amount into a high interest account. Because their has been no movement of monies in or out,they could not ask me any security questions. I replied that I could not pay anything in as I did not have a paying book, and as I've not asked for a cheque book, I could not paying anything out!!

That's why I wanted to set up internet banking so I could start to pay some more money in!!!


This reminds me of the question as to how the Snowplough driver gets to work when everybody esle is stuck in the snow.!!!




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Hi Thai- Find yourself a more helpful bank, and may I suggest the Nationwide, ( which is actualy a building society) thats if you are not already with them, they also score top marks when you are abroad for gaining access to your own money. chas
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