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camping without electricity


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We are new to camping and have only camped with electrickery over weekends. We have now booked A WEEK :-o at the CCC site at Minehead (nobody told me how difficult it is to find a site at Bank Holiday)

No Hookups Any tips for coping,Lighting is OK,but food/drink storage without power for the fridge???? Are we going to die???


Please help

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Yep! You're gonna die! :-D


In a motorhome it's easy as the fridge runs on gas but if you rely on electric for your fridge then it's best if you get used to sterilised milk.


Still, plenty of excuse to use takeaways...


Good luck and I hope you have a good time.

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We have to have electricity due to using oxygen machine 24/7 but still have a few tips from old days

1/always carry long life milk lasts till its opened

2/a camping barbi can cook anything on

3/tin of steak-tin of carrots-tin of potatoes- tin of peas-

throw in a pot-meal in a minute. have seconds' glass of wine,or 2 or 3 or----- (lol)

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