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Hello again I`m back


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Hi we are back in the old UK having just had two fantastic weeks in France our 1st long haul holiday in our new motorhome,we have covered almost 2500 miles with an average of 35 mpg we never drove on any toll routes just followed the tom tom non toll route and the most I paid for diesel was 1.039 per ltr.

Of the sites we stayed on half of them had negative polarity electrics ,so it was a good idea to take a polarity tester and a reverse polarity lead I made up with us.

Perhaps we were lucky ,but we managed not to get robbed, gassed in our beds, done by police for not having beam benders,or speeding but we certainly have had some laughs along the way, we have met some really nice people throughout our holiday and were waved to by almost every  other motorhome we met on the road I think I can say this experience has been a real tonic and can`t wait to get over to France again.

As a run down 1st we headed to Chamonix for a weekend with our son, then south to Nice and Monte Carlo where I drove around the GP circuit which was being set up at the time, along the coast to St Tropez and spent 3 days just up the coast at La Londre which was really hot, we then headed north via Marcelle , Dijon ,Lyon , to Ypres in Belgium to see the Menem Gate and WW1 sites , Calais and home.


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Hi Kelly,


Sounds like you had a wonderful time brill :D glad you didn't get nicked for no beamie benders. Hope your son worked out if he was having the Caravan or not ?. and nice to here that you seem to of thoroughly enjoyed it.


We are off tomorrow dont know where carnac pornac god dyslexic lill he did tell me I dont really care as long as its FRANCE VIVA LA FRANCE :D

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