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Le Touquet


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I can only tell you what it was like a few months ago on our way out, but from what i could see they have taken away all of the electric points and just put in a central Bourne which has an electric point at i think 1 euro for an hour or something like that ?? the building work to what were the toilets i think was more to do with repairing the stands, as if you remember where the toilets were the building that they are in is actually at grand stand for the horse racing ?? track that is on the other side albeit i don't know if its ever used for that purpose ??. I am sure you will be able to park there with no problems but i don't think you will be able to get a electric hookup as we used to do, albeit they may leave a few electric points near where the toilets were/are but i am fairly sure there won't be anywhere near as many as there used to be ?? the aire by the marina is a better bet in my opinion if you can't get a electric hookup on the equestrian centre albeit there are no electric points there but i think its in a better position


sorry about my rambling but I Hope it helps



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Hi michele,


We were at the aire on the 24th April. That's the day it re-opened after the circus/horse show? was on site. There was no electric hook up available that day, although all the hook up points are still in place down the left hand side (as you enter the gate). There is also a new "aire" about 200m away. It is up the road (left out of the gate) and the next street over. Looked too much like a car park for me :-D



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