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Worst Site Ever


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I recently stayed on “Camping Jongar Mar” in Roses on the Costa Brava, which is quite the worst campsite I have encountered in four years of fairly intensive motorhoming. But not the cheapest: I paid substantially more here than at the C&CC’s Rolls-Royce of a site at Chertsey.


The general level of tidiness would make a typical gypsy encampment look like a Caravan Club award winner.


Units are packed in like cars in a parking lot, and it is scarcely possible to step out of your door without colliding with your neighbour emerging from his. (What 6-metre rule? I doubt they would even conform to a 6-feet rule.) Everyone barbeques cheerfully in the narrow gaps between units: the whole thing is one enormous fire waiting to start.


So why did I stay? Well, I booked in for only one night; I turned up late and dog-tired after a long day’s driving, and so decided to cross my fingers and chance it.


Like most Brits, my first thought after settling in was for a cup of tea, so I put the kettle on – and promptly blew the trip. It would appear the supply is only 4 amps; considering they charge €3-55 + VAT for it, that is simply not good enough.


The pitches – if I may use that term for the chaos here – may be jammed tightly together, not so the hookup bollards! If you must camp at Jongar Mar be sure to take a v-e-r-y long cable.


And so to the showers. Where you will need sensitive laboratory instruments to tell the difference between the hot and the cold water. Ditto the washing up sinks.


Management clearly learned its trade at the School of Customer Care at pre-privatisation British Rail.


The clientele is mostly Dutch and Belgian, including one brand-new Hymer which had obviously been in situ for some time. It beats me why anybody would pay £75K for a brand-new Hymer and then park it in squalor like this.


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Sounds like an average Spanish site! Not all Spanish sites are like this, as you probably found out, but a lot are. 4amp electric hook-ups are also, unfortunately, common in Spain. Put it down to experience, remember to put in your 'Black Book' and move on. It has certainly gone into mine!
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