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report of holiday so far


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hi there

Monday 4th June 21.55 local time - Charles and I are at an aire in Binche - Belgium.

I am using someones unsecured wireless network!!!

Friday evening - We had a good journey down to Dover, the crossing to dunkerque was uneventful, cold and damp though - we drove over to Ypres as planned and booked into the campsite there - 10.50 per night including electrics.

The sun was shining so out came the chairs and we fell asleep for a short while, after yet another cup of tea we got the bikes out and cycled into town - had a good wander round, couple of belgian beers (hic) and then to the Menin Gate for the Last Post at 8pm.

What a lovely town Ypres is, we went on a Salient tour on Sunday, goodness that was an eye opener - all those military cemeterys - all those soldiers killed in the 'War to end all wars' they are still digging up bodies now, everytime a new building or barn is built they unearth more skeletons

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