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Evaluating campgrounds


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We would like to take this occasion to tell you briefly about our new Internet platform, www.camping.info. We hope that the contents spark the interest of some of you and that you don’t regard this information as pure advertising or spam. Should that be the case, we extend our sincere apologies!


At www.camping.info you can grade over 22,000 campgrounds in 45 European countries for yourself. Evaluate any campgrounds where you have stayed using a quick, simple 1- to 5 – star scale (concerning different categories): Find the campground in question, click on the "Submit evaluation" and then give the campground your grade.


You can also verbally evaluate the campground, allowing you to point out specific pros and cons. In addition, you can upload your own photos of your holiday at the campground in question, which will give other campers an especially realistic and objective impression of the facility.


Any individual assessment is always going to be subjective, of course. But the more campers who participate, sharing their own opinions and experiences, the more objective the evaluation will be. That is why the editorial team of www.camping.info asks all campers out there to submit evaluations of campgrounds they have visited over the last few years to www.camping.info. Many thanks in advance!




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