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Shaolin monks exhibition


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Hi everyone, just a brief note to say if ever you get the chance to see these guys perform you will not be disappointed. I went to a local martial arts gym yesterday afternoon to see the show and it was magnificent. Some of the jumps these guys make are so incredible you have to see them for yourself to believe them.


Here's a couple of photos, unfortunately I was experiencing battery problems with my flash unit so had to do most of them without flash and hand held, still I'm happy with some of them and the long exposures do give movement to the photos.


The first photo is of a guy in the middle of a high jump and multiple roll, its a bit of an abstract look to the photo but the grey blob on the right is the jumper. The second shot was done with the flash and this guy was using a chain with a small piece of coloured colth on the end. In this shot he was just about to flip back up onto his feet but just prior to this he was sat on the floor spinning the chain on the floor and "hopping" to clear the chain as it came round, he did this for a good thirty seconds and later on did the same but had another chain in his other hand spinning it above his head in the opposite direction to the one on the floor!


If you get the chance go and see them.



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