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Sietz window blinds


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You dont say which model you have,

They are a right pain. On some vans the adjustment end is against a wall or cabinet. ie Executive or Talsiman which we found easier to do with side window open one person inside, one out, and removing the blind to retension. If its one of these vans you do need patience, promise!

If you are in ASOC there is an ideas sheet you can get on the subject. If not ring the service centre at Willersey

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If, around the inside frame, there are matching round screw cap covers (that's what they are), then you need to remove these so that you can get at the screws to remove the inside frame, allowing access to the blind mechanism.


But it ain't easy to remove the screw caps -especially without damaging them.


Frankly, this is one job that, when we had the problem, we bought done!


Mel E


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I used a "Stanley knife" blade to prise the screw caps out but be careful because those little nippers fly and will probably take weeks to find.


When the frame is out this is an ideal opportunity to clean the blinds and the side guides with a mild detergent, try not to dislodge the blinds from the end carriers as you may lose all the spring tension and it can be the devils own job to retension the spring.


When the blinds and frame are thoroughly dry lubricate the pin ends of the blinds and the side guides with furniture polish, DO NOT USE silicone spray unless it has been formulated for use on blinds.


Now operate the blinds a few times to ensure that they work correctly.


Only retension the blinds as a last resort it is normally muck & filth that stops them working correctly.


A quick spray of furniture polish in the side guides every couple of months is normally the only maintenance required.


One final tip, buy your own furniture polish for this job and it will stop "er in doors" giving you verbal G.B.H.


John D.

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On ours first you un-clip the bits of corner plastic, then you can slide out the long plastic strips, then you can see the screws that hold in the bits you need to remove. Its easy.

I can only summise that Seitz have used all sorts of methods to assenble their bits over the years.


What I would add is that none of the seitz systems are robust enough to lean ones head on. They all collapse and neeed sorting out.

The systems used in American designed vans are tougher though.


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My camper has curtains.


They're cheap; light: flexible in use; never rattle; never have any problems; and you can lean against them. Yet if you read a test of a motorhome with curtains there will always be a comment to the effect that it would be better if blinds were fitted.


I guess that's progress!

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