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G'day all!


This is not really a motorhome related issue, as we wouldn't actually take the van, but next year (2008) a few of us want to go to Oktoberfest, for 5 days. I was wondering if anyone out there has been and could offer advice? My questions are...


1. If I book a year in advance, would accomodation in Munich be easy to come by?


2. Are there any hotels that could be recommended as basic, clean accomodation?


3. There are 4 of us travelling, and I immediately thought of an appartment. Any thoughts?


4. From my quick reading on the internet, it seems that you have to be in a tent by midday to get a seat (and hence a beer). Does this mean that one can't effectively wander around while drinking, or vivit several tents at will?


5. Any other comments?




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Yes I've been several times to this festival!! Mainly with the company, and it's best to get your digs sorted if you want to be near the events. Hotel rooms do fill up quickly and they also get pricier during this period. The suggestion that you get into the tent early is really to avoid any dissappointment. Yes you can wander round but trying to get a seat can prove very difficult, so that's why people tend to stay in the one tent. They don't like to serve you unless you're seated.You can always go back another day to try a different tent.!! Easier if using a hotel, you can get digs but as I've never used any digs I can not comment.

Hope this has helped in some way.


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If you wish to go the the 'fest', it's normal to book up about 2 years in advance. This is a huge festival in Deutschland, starting in September and going on for many days, will mean that any sites for 'homers' will be fully booked. The tents, where you can trink, trink dien bier are many, but just taking a chance.........you may be disappointed.
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