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Gel Coat deterioration


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I have a fibreglass roof on my 2004 Knaus 505. The gel coat is beginning to powder and leave dull patches which will cause it to become porous. Does anyone know of any products that can solve this problem. I have waxed it twice a year since new.

Thanks for any comments.

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Ranger - 2007-06-30 3:04 PM


Hi Knaus, go to a boat shop, they have many treatments for fibreglass gel coats on boats and yachts.


Good suggestion. Internation Coating Ltd make a range of paints and surface treatments for GRP. With a bit of luck you'll find a Chandlers that has one of their free booklets explaining various remedial methods for problems like yours. Failing that you could try their website at yachtpaint.com


I'm beginning to see some discolouration and dulling with the front end of my 4 year old A class so I'm also anticipating having to deal with this sort of problem. Having read International's booklet the best approach might be to refer it to a good boat builder specialising in GRP construction.


Unless, of course we have some redress against the manufacturer. In that regard you should be in a better position than me.



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Thanks for the info.


I have been searching the internet and found a company in America who have a product for my problem. It has a 5 year guarantee and costs about £20


If you look on www.prestopro.com/store you will see the Presto Gel Rejunvenator. I have ordered a 2 oz bottle. Shipping is free in July.


Hope it lives up to the hype it gives. Will post results later when I have used it.


There are only a couple of patches right on the top of the luton (overcab bed) so maybe this product will cure it.


If anyone has used this product please let me know.


Thanks again

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