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Post Office Hol Insurance


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Our holiday insurance is yearly and is due to run out soon .

Allclear Travel excellent company recommended by David Dwight ..

Easy to deal with and very helpful on the phone. Now the main reason we took this as most of you are aware is the girls.


Now as we touch wood have not had anything medically wrong with the rest of us or no major ops question is do we still need this now one of them has gone. ??? The other is not comming this year .


What I thought that we could do is get the Post Office Insurance the only reason is I have not got a handy £300 and odd at the moment otherwise I would like to stay with them..

can any one tell f experience with the PO and what it is they cover ..

reading about Terry and the Chap with his eye makes you wonder don't it folk's better safe than sorry ....

If not the PO can anyone recommend a different one that don't break the Bank.


Cheers all and be careful out there ;-)

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Barclays Bank have an account that gives you free travel insurance for as long as the account is open. Plus a host of other benefits, I have the account somewhere in my filing system (Joke)


Sorry cannot remember the account name

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I'm insured with INSUREANDGO. I paid £41.50 renewal premium for the Annual Gold cover earlier this year.


The cover is annual multi trip - max 90 days per trip, 31 days if aged 66 or over.



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