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No doubt we all know how difficult it is to obtain a new number plate. You know, you have to give them documents providing all sorts of information useful to criminals. (Name, address, registration number, card details). I wonder if this has actually reduced car crime. Halfords told me that they have to charge more to pay for their licence. Stealth tax?


Anyway, has anybody lost damaged a number plate while travelling abroard? How complicated did they find it?



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If you go to any motorhome or similar show, you will find at least one stall selling number plates without the legally required markings, and without requiring you to tell them anything.


How else do you think you obtain a 'cloned' number plate for your car to use when speeding or avoiding the London congestion charge? It was to prevent such cloning that the new rules were set up. But cloning is now more popular than ever.


You simply go to a dealer for your make of car not too near your home, spot one of your vintage, of same model and colour, note the number plate and get copies made for your own use - that way you will pass all the initial DVLA checks made by cameras, etc. Or you could get details of the right car from any mag advertising used vehicles.



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