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smelly carpets in a Lunar Roadstar 620


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18 months old, and we rather like the van, some squeeks & rattles to get rid of, but the green carpets smell like something died in the van.


Took them out, ( they are removable), and cleaned them with an industrial carpet cleaner. Not really any better, tried Fabrize, again no better.


Cannot figure this one at all, the van is not old enough to suffer from years of dog or cat owners >:-( >:-(


Has anybody suffered from this, and found a solution ?

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Yes the solution is put them in the garden and get the hoze soak them then I put on a concoction of soap power firstly thinned out washed both sides just leave the hoze running . Then I added things like lenor & Hyacinth Zofolra ..anything that wont ruin them and smells nice .

Hung them up to dry hey presto solved ...


the one in the shower room brand new beige we managed to fill up the loo with all the pink unbeknown to us the stopper wasn't in and the whole carpet was pink ....

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