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Wiring for new towbar.


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Hi, Folks. I'm fitting a new Towbar to my Bessacarr E765 (56 reg) in the next few days.


The bolting on bit is easy, but have any of you got any advice on the best way to do the wiring. I'm kind of assuming that all I have to do is just splice the 7 cables into the appropriate cables at the back of the van.


Please let me know if any of you have any hints or tips for a tidy job!


Ta very much,



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And another tip is to be careful what you bolt the towbar onto. Many motorhomes with long overhangs have rear floor supports bolted to the main chassis to support the rear floor.


I think these are not suitable for fixing a towbar to, but it muct be fixed to a main chassis member.


Dave will correct me if I'm wrong!!


Mel E


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I use H/D 7-core and connect all these to live [but later] then a separate fuse box, solid copper earth strip for all the earth connections separate relays for all connections to trailer. then pick up sensors from rear wires [soldered conns only-insulated]take these in light duty 7-core to relays at front and take supplys to lights etc via. more H/D 7-core and you will not lose voltage at the trailer or whatever. Make a suitable box for relays[Tupperware] and secure then connect to batt. for testing.Sounds complicated but its not and dont forget to take earth straight from the batt. to rear to avoid earth probs. later.
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Hello Alec,

Like your shack, and is that a space suit (less helmet) you are wearing?


I have used your relay method before on vehicles where the electrics are 24 volt and the tow bar requirements 12 volt - plus a 24 - 12 vold DC-DC converter. However its a bit OTT for a simple instalation.


On some modern vehicles the lamp currents are all monitored by one of the vehicle computers. Toyota landcruiser for example being one. Fitting towbar electrics is simple and there is no seperate indicator for the trailer, but remove one bulb and it knows!

On more traditional systems with a seperate flasher unit there may be a spare terminal marked P2 (from memory) which can be connected to a seperate indicator lamp to indicate when the trailer indicators are working.


Buy one of those little modules that connects between the trailer connector and the rear indicators of the vehicle. These monitor the bulb current and sound a beeper.


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