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new boxer/ducato cab


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I have seen quite a number of people who have complained of this problem in a forum. When you do decide to take it to a dealer for them to try and sort it make sure you go to a VAN dealship/workshop not a car one, because they won't know of this problem. Peugeot/Fiat are aware but they don't want to know!


Keep us posted on how you get on! Do hope you have better luck with your problem than we are with ours.

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Yes I had this annoying water problem the water runs under the plastic shroud at the bottom of the windscreen.

When I mentioned this problem when we had the 1st service the engineer said that we were not the 1st to mention it and that he would report the problem to Peugeot.

2 weeks later he rang us and booked us in within a couple of days , they fitted a new shroud and sealed it to the windscreen and bingo no more water sitting on top of the cylinder head.

Taylors Peugeot of Boston gave us excellent service.


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