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I have a auto trail Comanche, which is a tag axle. I have always had a habitation check and a service. I assumed that between the pair of the above, everything that needed to be serviced would be. However I was told at the last services, that the tag axle service was frequently left out unless specifically asked for. It's supposed to happen every year /10,000 miles. So now being a bit wiser (belatedly) and a warning to other owners, my question is, is there anything else that I should aim for that can escape a habitation check and service unless asked for?

Thanks in advance

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A GOOGLE-search on al-ko motorhome axle lubrication will retrieve plenty of discussion/advice relating to that procedure, and the following link should be useful for DIYers.


(it's perhaps worth adding that some Al-Ko AMC axles (as fitted to motorhomes) are 'maintenance free' and do not require regular lubrication. But, generally, the Al-Ko AMC axles fitted to motorhomes will require regular greasing and failure to do this can prove VERY expensive for the vehicle's owner.)

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In this 2017 forum thread


I said

There have been warnings on-line and in motorhome magazines that greasing an AL-KO chassis will not be part of a standard Fiat service and may well not be included within a ‘habitation service’. Consequently it has been advised that owners of motorhomes with a ‘need-to-grease’ AL-KO axle who don’t DIY-service the vehicle should ensure that they specify that this task be carried out when the motorhome is serviced.

Just in case there's any misunderstanding, periodic lubrication of 'need-to-grease' AL-KO AMC axles does not just apply to motorhomes with twin rear axles (commonly - but inaccurately - referred to as a 'tag-axle' configuration within the UK motorhome community) it's equally necessary if the motorhome has a single AL-KO AMC rear axle.

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