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Difficulty posting an advert for my caravan on out & about


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I am having no success in placing an advert for my 2022 Going Go-Pod Plus on this site. The first hurdle is that the model options to choose from only go up to Go-Pod Plus 2020. But I assumed that I could change that once the advert got created and so went ahead. I get to the end of the process, Step 5 Contact Details, where it directs me to login. However, when I click on the Log In button on the next screen (which in the screenshot you can see acknowledges that I am indeed logged in), it takes me to the home page, not my advert. I'm at a loss how to actually get the advert completed and posted. Any advice please? 

1 ad attempt.png

2 ad attempt.png

3 ad attempt.jpg

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Welcome to the Out&AboutLive forums, Suzanne.

I simulated an advert for your caravan in this website's "Sell My" section (but, obviously, I could only go so far).

1: In the "Going" manufacturer section Go-Pod Plus models from 2017 to 2023 are listed, so you should be able to select your 2022 version (as shown below)


(Once the Manufacturer/Model data are entered on that page, I don't think it will be practicable to change this easily when the advert has been finalised.)

2: My understanding of the Out&AboutLive website is that the 'main' site and the forums are different entities and you need to login to each part separately. The top of the O&AL homepage looks like this, so - before you begin to construct your advert - login where I've arrowed


This will result in the following screen


and you'll note the line We have separate Forum User Accounts from Customer Accounts; for the forum, please log-in click here

Register on the 'main' site first to obtain a User Account and - once you've successfully done that - construct your advert again.

Historically, the procedure for placing an advert via the O&AL website received a lot of flak for its user-unfriendliness. Although the latest procedure seems to be a good deal better, clearly there are still pitfalls.

(If you still can't place that advert, come back and I'll pass your problem up to the O&AL support people.) 

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