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Fiamma SF126 PRO Water pump


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When switching pump on at isolating switch it runs continuously and does

not pressurise system. I have checked that tap is fully off and all connections

for tightness.Pump has developed slight leak.

Are these pumps still available for replacement.

would be grateful for any advice.


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I believe that particular model is no longer manufactured. Spares should still be available in some stockists.


In general, however, replacing with a newer model or with, say, an equivalent Shurflo model should not be difficult.


It occurred to me that there is an upgrade kit for the 126 to the latest Fiamma spec, (consisting, I think, of a replacement head only). This might be sufficient to fix if there is a permanent issue. See www.agentfiamma.co.uk for one stockist of the replacements and spares.


I've had the equivalent pump apart in the past, since the pressure switch would not work properly on mine (and it was finally replaced under warranty). They are not too difficult to dismantle, and it may be that something like the pressure switch diaphragm has 'gone'.

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Sounds to me as though the non return valve isn't working. I had this happen on a Whale pump. The pump head on the Whale had small rubber leaves that worked as NRV's and if one failed you had a situation where the pump ran continuously but to no effect as it could not pressurise the system. sounds like that could be the problem.


Bill Ord

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