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Motorhome Grills

Bill Ord

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Has anybody upgraded a motorhome grill? I ask because in my experience the gas grills in motorhomes are best described as adequate and that can be flattering for most of them. Close on 20 years ago I bought a Camping Gas twin burner and grill free standing unit which looks substantially the same as the model on sale today. The grill on this unit is simply superb. It glows incandescent in use and grills meat to perfection, sealing the outside and leaving the inside of the steak moist, toast is as near perfect as it comes. What the grill is made of I do not know but it has the appearance of being ceramic when in use. I still have it and use it very occasionally for alfresco cooking. Is there anybody out there who knows of a way of fitting this type of grill into an existing cooker layout? It's really strange that no manufacturer has fitted anything similar despite lots of complaint of motorhome grills over the years.


Bill Ord

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