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Tyres and servicing


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Usually I'm asking daft questions to which no-one seems to answer. Well this time I have a little bit of information which I am quite happy to pass on to anyone who is interested. We have just come back from a really good holiday in the Mosel in Germany. A good place to go, but not if you rely on good supermarkets and a wide range of goods. You are not going to get it. Don't bother about your cedit card as they won't accept them.


Early in the trip we seem to displace the tracking on the van. It was'nt noticable whilst driving but towards the end of our stay---- well just as we had taken the van around the Nuebering actually-- I noticed all the tread from the inside of the tyre was wearing away. No problem just a quick call at a tyre centre. quote---- 325 euros. We came back slowly and carefully.

When we got back I phoned around for quotes for replacemant Camper tyres. Motorhome dealers, tyre centres and garages. Quotes ranged from £136 + vat (tyre centre) to £185 plus vat Motorhome dealer (well known near Winchester) Better than Germany and France but on a pension no good enough! Try the webb--- Brilliant--- Michelline 215/75 r 16c fitted with vat and balancing £111-00 www.tyreshopper. excellent service and shipped and fitted locally at their agents. You can get them for £86 but you have to arrange for your own fitter. good deal or what

Whilst I am on the perch, another tip.

Don't have your van serviced at a MH dealer or at the vehicle dealer look for the local commercial truck service company. They will do it for half the price. ie Fiat centre Southampton £265 +vat----- Local MH dealer £285 plus vat with a 4week wait. Commercial Vehicle Services Fareham (www. commercialvehicleservices.co.uk) £150 including vat

Hope this may help others but of course you guys in the wilderness north of the Trent may do better



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