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Water filter (Nature Pure ?)


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Can anyone advise on the Nature Pure Water Filter systems.

Or do you know of a better one?

I would like to fit a Water Filter to our Bessacarr E410 (2006)


One is advertised as Nature Pure Kit with Tap. For pressurised systems, with Elegant & Top Notch push Tap (without microswitch).


The other is Nature Pure Filter Kit only, without Tap. For use in either pressurised or micro-switched systems.


I would prefer to have the "with Tap" kit but unsure which is suitable for the M/H or if I need to find and fit a suitable microswitch also.



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Hi Flicka


I fitted the Nature Pure a couple of months back. The job was a lot easier than I thought it would be - the only scary moment was drilling into the brand new work surface to fit the tap.


Ours is a pressurised system which is easier to fit as it doesn't have the extra wiring to do for a switched system. If you are unsure which yours is - take a look at the underside of your kitchen or bathroom tap. If it has wires coming out of it as well as pipes you will require a switched tap for your Nature Pure. Many Hymers have micro switched tap systems.

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After looking at various alternatives including the extra tap in the worktop or just putting the filter in line with the existing taps options I decided to go for the stand alone "First Need Deluxe" from Nature Pure. I am delighted with it and particularly like the portability of this little kit which packs into its own carry bag. It can be used anywhere I travel i.e. not just in the van.


Each evening or morning when in the van I pump water from the on board tank into two Zig bottles (the kit is designed to screw into them) and pop them in the 'fridge. Leaving the kit on the work top while we are out during the day or overnight dries it off ready to go back in the bag.


Its a bit fiddly but works for the 2 of us and the filter will last a long time as we are only filtering water for drinking , not everything else. If there were any taint in the tanked water then we would also filter water for tea, food washing etc but this has not been necessary so far. The kit is claimed to be effective against just about any biological or chemical contaminant.


I bought my kit from Homeway Limited in Amesbury (www.travelwithcare.com) and it was £115.99 including a spare cartridge, plus £3.99 carriage. It comes with a special dye to check the effectiveness of the cartridge from time to time.



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