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Guest Syd

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mikey72 - 2007-09-12 1:08 PM



I hate to be the pessimist, but without seeing the installation in full, a word of warning about the battery installation.

They appear to be in a compartment with the relays and other switchgear.

As I say, I don't know the full details, but if the batteries are charging and gas off, (an explosive gas), it is possible the relays may ignite the vapour as they switch, as the contacts can create a spark when they change over.

The batteries should be in a battery box, ideally sealed from the living compartment, with ventilation outside, but definitely away from any source of ignition or spark.




Hi Mike

Many many thanks for your comments, I am so grateful to you, the point about the batteries gassing off when being charged had escaped me but then I am a self professed idiot anyway.


They can easilly be moved to a small ventilated compartment and will be tomorrow morning. (Might just keep my spare can of petrol in there instead)


In my defence this is where the batteries have been for the last three years or so that we have had the caravan, the only thing that has changed in that compartment has been the addition of the twin relay to the left of the picture, everything else has always been there.


You have proven the worth of useing this forum and this is the reason that I have posted, I have learned much from the comments made here, let's hope some of what has been said here about my project will be useful for others


Many thanks to all who have contributed


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I have robbed this from the pay for a moan forum (MHF) as a modification to Mikes solution


Find the cable that supplies the 220 volt sockets from the controller. Cut this cable and fit a socket to the controller output end and a plug to the cable feeding the sockets. This plug can either connect to the new socket to the controller or to the output from the inverter. Absolutely no chance of introducing an inverter voltage into the controller charging circuit etc.


Simple and SAFE


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davenewell@home - 2007-09-12 8:22 PM


I'm still keen to see the wiring diagram for this if you don't mind Syd.




Hi Dave

Not a problem, would welcome some comment too, will try to get the sketch up later today but work has suddenly given me a couple of unexpected problems that have to be attended to first.


It is in the caravan and it is too early to disengage the alarm and wake the neighbours up.

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Unfortunately our's doesn't chirp ... it sounds like a ruddy demented budgie being strangled!!! (lol)


We had to get the alarm chap to silence it for 'normal' arming/dis-arming, it only 'sqwarks' now when we do the second button press to stop the internal sensors from working when the dogs are inside. :-S


The info's a bit vague though, I must admit. Especially when we're all chomping at the bit to help! :D

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