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wild camping scotland

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Log on to www.undiscoveredscotland.co.uk, a massive site which should keep you quiet researching Scotland by area, town, village, hotels, restaurants, shops, campsites, Calmac ferries and general history for many an evening.


My separate research into wild camping sites was inconclusive after checking via email and PM with other helpful travellers. It seems that wild camping sites change from year to year so it is a question of taking potluck during your travels.


With just a fortnight trip it might be better to settle on one area/site and not be too adventurous, otherwise you will be on the move continually.

I would suggest the Fort William area with a wealth of wonderful areas within a day's drive, also leaving time to stop and enjoy.


Amongst these places are Glencoe, Great Glen up to Aviemore, Loch Ness, Isles of Mull and Skye and lovely parts of the west coast famous for the white, almost tropical beaches.


Move further north and settle on another area to explore for another trip.

I should be up there now on a six week tour which would have taken me to the very north and most interesting places in between but my plans were scuppered four days before the off when I was rushed into hospital. Out now and trying to recuperate but deep depression has set in.


Have fun on your trip. I hope that this reply helps a little.



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