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How To Make "A" Frames better


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Hi, Everyone


What I really find quite strange that when most questions are asked on any of the motorhome Internet forums everyone tries to provide helpful suggestion s on ways to overcome the problems EXCEPT WHEN "A" FRAMES ARE MENTIONED everyone comes out with the same old stuff regarding the legalities, and even to the extent of some people finding enjoyment in trying to ridicule people who use them WHY ???


What would be interesting and a lot more helpful is to put all of the expertise's that exist on this site into finding a method for making them legal. as from all of the information I have read it does seem from a motorhomers point of view if these could be made legal then they would become a much more used resource as they certainly are more user friendly than a trailer and so far no one appears to be saying they are dangerous it appears the only problem if you chose and "A" frame with an overrun device operating a cable braking system is one of reversing it and I certainly know quite a number of people who tow so called legal vehicles that cannot reverses them ?? .


So come on lets examine what would need to be done to make them legal and then lets put all of our minds together to overcome the problems please don't let us get bogged down on the legalities.


If you actaully look at one with a overrun cable braking system and hand brake etc. and assume that they can achive the minimum braking affect that is required ? without the servo operational what would need to be done to make this legal and far more important HOW WOULD YOU DO IT


If I haven't explained myself correctly please don't start nit picking I am sure you can all understand what I am trying to say


So come on stop quoting the legal system put your heads together and find a method of making them legal.




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The legal killer is the need to be able to reverse the whole rig - vehicle and trailer - under control, without manual intervention at the tow hitch. With the car's wheels castor steering, this is a near impossibility, even for experts. Nobody has yet come up with a cost-effective solution to this.


When poeople ask for advice on this forum, it's only fair to give all sides to the story. People DO get stopped and fined on the Continent - especially in Spain - I know because I've met them. It isn't totally safe - I know because my rig nearly had extremely serious blow-outs on at least three occasions because the overrrun brakes were badly fitted and did not release on the car correctly. And with the EU probably clamping down on the practice fairly soon, it's only fair to point out that people may be wasting up to £1,000 to £1,500 on the devices.


Not that I think trailer towing is a great deal safer - but it is totally legal anywhere in Europe.


Mel E


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