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So what are the delights of winter in Portugal ?


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You'll get lots of positive replies, so here is an early counter:


1. No, it's not as warm as Spain, especially on the Algarve and SW coast - and, like Spain's western coast, it tends to be windy.


2. Southern Portuguese campsites are vary variable - some awful - some OK, but all will be very full. We visited one, tried pitching in 3 different empty pitches and:


- were chased away by a group who came and told us that's where they hung their washing


- were told we couldn't pitch behind another van as their turning circle was so poor they wouldn't be able to get out (Brits these!)


and gave up - making enemies befoe you're even in didn't seem like a good idea!


3. Unlike Spain, where there's loads to visit inland near the coast (Granbada, Sevilla, Cordoba, Ronda, Almeria, and so and and so on, Portugal doesn't seem to have these attractions.


But each to their own . . .


Mel E


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What are the delights of Portugal? - I will be there!


Portuguese are friendlier by far than the Spanish.


Last winter it was actually warmer in Portugal than Spain.


Free camping is encouraged in many places in Portugal.


After 10 winters in Spain and the last 2 in Portugal we will not be going back to Spain - they have ruined much of tje coast whereas the west coast of Portugal is still rugged and largely unspoilt - I know give 'em time.

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