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Electric hookup abroad?


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Guest caraprof
maggyd - 2007-09-23 12:13 PM Can somebody tell me what connections we need for Holland ? Germany? and France?

Your existing plug will work on most sites but in France in particular there are still lots of two pin sockets for hook-up.

All you need is one of these, which you'll pick up at any caravan accessories store.


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HI...when touring thes countries, and also Switzerland and Austria, some whil e back we found the standard CEE (blue) one, was Ok, and indeed I think now more sites are connected with these.

We also took, and still do, the French type sockets, including a lead with 'reveresed' positive/negative, as many sites are still wired the 'wrong' way. Indeed, we also find some of the CEE ones are wrongly wired, so also have a 'twisted' polarity lead set of these.

We also found that Switzerland, and I think from memroy Germany had yet another variety of 3 pin socets ( 3 pins almost in a straight row!), but we were generally able to 'borrow' the necessary adaptors from the reception bureau.

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