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Tesco Deals / P&O Ferries


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Sure i have read on here people like myself collect the Tesco Deals vouchers for P&O ferries.

Was told today that if you are collecting these vouchers they must be converted by the 17th Nov and FERRY booked by the 30th Nov, this states does not affect the Irish crossings.

Checked the deals website and the above is right, what is not stated is which crossings this means

I assume thats ALL OTHER CROSSINGS, looks as tho they are calling time on the deals, i think these companies involved give a 2 year stint.

MFI and XL pulled out last month or so, and notice P&0 Cruises have been added.

So next year it will be the tunnel, must look into that before they go aswell.

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michele - 2007-09-24 2:33 PM


Hi carebear,


regarding collecting the vouchers are you talking about saving your points?

If not please explain how one goes about getting or saving these vouchers please.

hi michelle

Tesco give you clubcard points with every purchase from tesco, you can use these points for your future shopping at tesco or you can use them to purchase other offers from other companies that are linked to tesco via the club points. With every pound spent at tesco you get club points and sometimes more points with certain items on offer, now if you use these same points with the companies linked to tesco, they will quadruple every point you have earned from tesco, eg: £250 worth of tesco points will be converted to £1000 worth to use with p&o, remember only until november this year with p&o. Lots of family pubs, amusement parks, fun days out and lots more companies are connected with this offer, its worth a look. We went to bilbao last year on p&o and it didn't cost us a penny in hard cash, just club points that we had saved up over the year, We are booking up again for next summer and will save atleast £700. We must book and pay before november to be able to use our points though. Also, if you were to use a tesco credit card and use it to purchase everything you ever buy, i mean everything, it is surprising hoe fast the points build up, BUT BEWARE! always pay the credit card bill off every month so you wont pay any interest, best way is to set up a standing order so the bank pays the full bill every month. We have been doing this for a few years now and have never (as yet) paid any interest. I'm sorry my reply is a bit long! but i hope it goes some way of explaining Tesco clubcard points


mark 'choppa' lambert

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Apologies first if this is confusing, I have many times booked the tunnel with my Tesco Vouchers, in fact just done it today for 2 trips one for half term next year and one for the new Easter holls that the children are having.

Not sure how many of you know but alot of the children will only be getting Good Friday and Easter Monday off next year and then 2 weeks later on, reason being that easter falls too early for terms to run smoothly, or so I believe. They break up on 4th April and go back on the 26th, so if you are thinking of going on these dates I would get in fast , tunnel prices are rising by the day.


Back to Tesco vouchers. They send you your cash in vouchers, you then go on line find the date and time of the trip you want to make on the tunnel, go through the whole process apart from the payment bit, this will give you an idea how much it is going to cost you. Then go to Tesco Deals site with your vouchers in hand you then enter how much you have in vouchers to their system, it is easy to work out. This will tell you how much you have towards your crossing, you can pay for the entire trip as we have just done. If you are worried you don't have enough thats fine you can pay the rest by credit card over the phone if you fall short, when you do the booking.

Tesco will then send you Travel vouchers to be used in the Tunnel, what I do then to make things easier for me to remember is go back to the Tunnel site re enter the details and then print it off.

Then ring the number that will be on the paper work that has come with the travel vouchers, they will want to know type and name of vehicle , name, address and the usual. They will also want to know some of the numbers on the travel vouchers that you are using, they will ask how much they all come to and if its not enough they will take card details then.

Then when all that is done you just post the vouchers to the Tunnel people again the address is in the paper work from Tesco's , this has to be done by special Delivery within 4 days of booking being made on the phone. You will receive a booking sheet with your booking reference number on it which you just put in to the machine on your day of travel.


Sounds harder than it is, we have paid for 6 trips this way now and not one has cost us a penny. What we also like about it is you can go early and get on an earlier train without extra cost, occasionally they will give you choices of times and if you don't like them you don't need to accept. You can also travel up to 2 hours late too just incase you get held up on the other side coming home, it reduces panic stations.


If you need more info let me know, I love that in 35 minutes I am on holiday and on the move.



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Hi Mandy and Andy,


At this present time got no vouchers, just booked two weeks in Goa March 2008.

Waiting for the next issue Oct.


Can you tell me if the prices online, are the prices you pay with deals for the tunnel, or are they dearer as you are using deals


With P&O we paid online prices.


Just booked with Cosmos but was charged Brochure price, and not online prices about £250 dearer, didnt mind as i had £350 in vouchers, converted to £1400 in deals, holday total was £1686, paid difference with Tesco Credit Card

I think i have about £70 coming out in October x 4 = £280 in deals, so i should cover my cost of tunnel.

Was intending to collect more and do the spanish crossing next summer

8o| never mind.

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Hi again,

Yes you pay the same as you see on line, that way you know how much the lady is going to tell you when you ring and book. You need to check the price on the tunnel site, print it off and ring straight away as price can change quickly, especially if you are booking during busy times.


The last time we went over in August we got there a day early intending to stay around Canterbury , I got all excited and said "come on lets go and see if we can confuse the machine and go 24 hours early". Thinking it would offer us a Toffee Crisp wrapper or charge us a fortune for changing time. Anyway it let us through with no extra charge, half hour later we where on the train and away. Last time we tried to get on early the lady told us we need to try during the same day so anytime after midnight on the day you are crossing you stand a good chance of getting on.



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