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1988 peugeot petrol engine


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I've bought the Peter Russek one for my Peugeot J5 van base - as mentioned above, the print quality is poor (in fact so poor that some of the wiring diagrams are impossible to read), but it contains all the essential strip/down/overhaul stuff and all the settings/gaps etc that a competent DIY mechanic needs.


It won't tell you the idiot stuff like how to change a windscreen wiper, but it will tell you exactly how to replace the head-gasket etc.


For spares etc, don't forget also that the Talbot Express chassis-cab and engine is the same as the Puegeot J5 and the Citroen C25; the 3 vans were all made on the same assembly line by PSA (in Portugal, if memory serves), after Peugeot swallowed Citroen, and then the Talbot brand; they were just badged differently.

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