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fiamma ultra box 500


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hi again all,

we have just purchased a fiamma ultrabox 500 to store our generator and fuel etc in whist on the move,(so it doesent stink the inside of the motorhome out etc). i got it from a friend who had it on his bike rack but the rack was a bolt on so he didnt want to remove it.


so here is my problem, what would be my best option to go for mountwise??

i really dont want to start drilling holes anywhere for a bolt on and i am unsure about a clamp on as i would be worried about it falling off.. i have seen the tow bar ball bike racks on the web and they look ok but guess what, no tow bar.

its to be fitted onto a new model (2007)bessacarr 425 on the fiat ducatto chassis. i have heard that the new chassis on our model already has some kind of kit fitted so a tow bar can go straight on with no drilling etc, but i am really unsure.

can anyone suggest anything or any device best to mount the box, as there will be a bit of weight in it so it has to be pretty sturdy. our local dealers dont strike me with too much confidence when it comes to anything concerning this.


cheers all..

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A local blacksmith / or "small metalworks fabricator" is making a towbar for us, and also making a rack which is fixed by the towball bolts to hold the brackets for a box.


Box will be removed when towing , because there is capacity in the trailer to carry all in the box, and to lighten the rear axle loading.


Otherwise Fiamma sell box fixings but they have to be mounted on the body and bolted trhough the bodyshell.




about halfway down the page



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hi tony, we took your advice mate, the local steel fabricator has done us proud, made a lovely lightweight but very sturdy bracket that bolts staright onto the chassis. a hel of a lot cheaper than a towbar or bike rack and can easily be taken off!! jobs a gudun, cheers matey!
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