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Security for rear Ladder


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I have manage to buy a replacement for our Lunar Telstar Submarine that we lost in the summer, A Lunar Roadstar.


This vehicle has a rear ladder which would like to stop potential little feet climbing up on the roof ( or big feet ) I know how I am going to do this with the aid of an aliuminium plate fixed to the ladder. I will be hooking the plate over the top of the ladder then some how padlocking the bottom of the plate.


As I have not got the vehicle as yet I have not studied it at any lengh, Has an member got any sketches of how to fix the paddlock to the bottom of the plate.


Terry :$

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WHHHHHHHHHHhhats that Mel god I think you need to be houdini for that one.


Terry ,

Don't worry about it if they want to get up that won't stop them we do not have one the ladder folds in half whilst i,m not saying that you shouldn't take every security measure possible we never have had any problems.


If they want to get up they will just jump higher than one of them plate things if you get my drift.

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Guest starspirit

He didn't actually say he wanted to get up on the roof Mel?

He just wants to stop nasties getting up on the roof and getting in via that nice big hole in the roof covered with an insecure plastic lid.

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Okay Peter ... sorry to disillusion you but I did draw it specifically for Terry ... you're only jealous because I haven't drawn anything for you. :D (I definitely want a 'smiley' with a sticking out tongue!)


Anyway, back to the plot, I attach a picture of our Rapido with a ladder guard on. We started with a Fiamma ladder guard as suggested above but they are ruddy useless as they are so narrow and short that anyone could easily get past them. £34 is a heck of a price for them as well - we only paid £20 on a special deal at a show but even that seemed expensive for a bit of metal and a locking handle! My first experiment with making it a bit more difficult for anyone to get past was to mount it on a large sheet of metal which bent round the sides as well with some plastic slide binders slotted on the rough edges (it was an old freezer door panel to be precise!).


When this eventually went rusty I removed the Fiamma LG and instead mounted it on a piece of white perspex which was the same width as the ladders, again putting the slide binders on the rough edges but obviously didn't 'bend' it round the sides! I made the plastic longer than the LG but mounted the LG at the top so that the 'bent over' top still slotted in correctly, but the plastic came below the LG. The Fiamma loop of metal and locking handle were still utilised as for the original LG (instead of the loop and padlock arrangement proposed in the drawings).


We had this on our Rapido right up until we sold it - in fact at the York show whilst we were having a wander around Oaktree's display I glanced across and saw ... the ladder guard I'd made! It was still attached to our old Rapido which had fortunately found a new owner and was going to go up to Scotland. Oooooooooo it was so nice to see him ... he's still sooooooooooooooo cute!!!!!!! Eh-hem, sorry ... it was like seeing a long lost friend you know .... soppy ain't I! :D


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course its not rough where I live its only when you get to "Mackum " country that you have to worry.


Mel B

I like both your sketches and just ignore they say they are very good I had a good idea how to do the job but I was not sure how the loop or hasp fixed onto the rear of the ladders.

I know what you mean about seeing your old bus I think i will feel the same way if I ever see our old one floating down the River Avon


I was thinking of electrifing the rear ladder but known my luck the tea leaf I caught would sue me. I was also thinking of not covering it so that our local cats can climb up on the roof and chase the very rare bird we have called the s**ticusHawkicus and stop them from decorating the roof ( poor dickies )


I new I could depend on this exellent Forum giving me some good ideas even the idiotic ones

:D :'( (^) >:-(

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