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Portugal trip


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Hi Paul and welcome to the nut house.


Portugal in Feb / March can be a little cool and rainy but over the last couple of years it appears to have had better weather than many parts of Spain in the winter.


I would stay south of Lisbon until later in the year as it can be well cool (not in modern parlance) in the north.


Like Spain the camp sites can get a bit busy - we tend to free camp so can't really recommend any particular site.


The west coast is dramatic but gets a fair bit of wind from the ocean in winter.



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Guest starspirit

If you are a competent driver in the UK you should have little or no difficulty abroad.

I find it quite easy and relaxing mainly due to the lower volumes of traffic but it can get quite hairy in towns and cities.

The road markings in France tend to be clear whilst many of the white lines in Spain can be obscure leading to some guess work as to where on the road you should be at junctions - some of which seem to have been designed by committee. At least in a van everyone can see you and get out of your way. Not been to Portugal yet.

Do take heed of the legal requirements for every country you might pass through for such things as reflective jackets, red triangles, spare specs (all drivers), bulbs, etc as there is little point in falling foul of el plod for the sake of a few quid spent prior to leaving.

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Hi bernie

thanks for your info how do they view free camping in Portugal as we also would be up for that. We have just fitted a 180Watt Solar panel to that ends. Got to look into the Gas situation thinking of putting in a refillable Gaslow System providing LPG is available in the Petrol Stations down there.


regards Paul

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