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Wingamm Oasi 540N Anyone Got one


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I haven't got one but saw these Wingamms a few years ago at the Dusseldorf show. Also had a look at 'em on the York show last w/end.


Must say they are brilliantly designed and the workmanship looks 1st class.

A real"tardis".


We have a large tag axle 'van and I am (to say the least) no 6 stone weekling but I was right at home in both the small one and the slightly bigger 'van. How they managed to pack such a big washroom, all that work surface and 2 double beds into such a small size had me going back outside to see if it was the same 'van I had got into.


Add to that the monocoque (no leaks) body and it sure looks a great piece of kit.


Only downside was the price tag!

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