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Calais Gibraltar


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There is a site near Gib. in the town of La Linea. It is on the coast and a bus stop is about 3-400 metres away that takes you into the town centre. Gib is a 2-300m walk away. Or, if you carry them, use your bikes to get there. I can't remember the name! But if you look in the Europe 1 book from the Caraven Club it's in there.


The aire at Calais port is open all year round, but noise can be a problem. The municipal site is right next door if you feel unhappy with aires, but again that is noisy.


Depending on your ferry time, the motorway is only minutes away and you can get on down the road a bit within a couple of hours

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How close to Gib do you want to be? There are some really good sites going up Costa de Luz towards Cadiz. eg Conil. These are about one hours drive from Algerciras. Also detourer posted recently with some a new site near him around the Coin area. Do a search or pm him.


By the way are you on his Morocco trip begining of Jan? If so, so are we.


pm me if you want more info.





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