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Guest caraprof

As someone else on this forum once said: "God (and Google) helps those who help themselves".

I'm sure that if you put 'Motorhome towbar+location' (location being your nearest large town), into Google, you'll come up with plenty.

It would also help if you could give more information, such as the exact model of your motorhome as some models may have peculiarities and we've many experts here who can advise.

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I'm sure you're aware that tow bars for motorhomes (and the Hope Safe-T-Bar is no exception) weigh a lot and, being behind the rear axle, increase the load on that axle by even more than their own weight. So, before you spend good money, have the 'van and its rear axle separately weighed so you know you have enough spare load once it's on.


Mel E


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