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Keep your site receipts

malc d

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Just a cautionary one this, and may seem a bit obvious.

We booked in to a site in Portugal for four nights. All the details were entered into the office computer, which we couldn't see.

When it came to paying a different young lady was on the desk. " That's six nights" she said.

"No, only four" I replied.

Only those people born before computers know that they can be wrong, but this young lady insisted that as it was on the compter it must be right.

Fortunately I was able to produce the receipt from my previous site so they agreed that I only had to pay for four nights.

But; if you haven't got the previous receipt, how could you prove how long you've been on site ?

I don't know how we could have resolved it.

...and if it was the first site on the tour I suppose you would have to produce a copy of your ferry booking.

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I keep our receipts to remember sites by and also as a price guide. I have a file i put them in according to where the site was so if we are passing that way again then I can just go to the file and find a nearby site.


I also commit the awful crime of scribbling over our map with good roads, sites, wild camp spots etc to remind us, which is also useful if our friends come to see us and want to borrow our map and travel of the routes that we have.

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