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Most Creative mobile Motorhome Accessory Design?


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So, you've got a bit of money left over from the purchase of your new motorhome toy, and you want to impress those neighbours when you park up at the next weekend rally.


So, what about a motorised shed to accompany you on your MH travels to a big French site in the countryside...or a road legal boat for when parked up by that lake........or an engine propelled skip for all that rubbish.....or even a mobile sofa to take with you for lounging around the BBQ on-site?









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I've already got the perfect motorhome accessory! Using voice commands it provides food and drink when on or off the road. It automatically tells the time no matter where you are. It can detect when something is wrong with an area or site within minutes of getting there. It works out the cost of hings in local currency, then converts it to Sterling and can even tell you where it can be bought cheaper. It able to function in all weathers and at night, when it comes into it's own! (Although to be fair it does take some time to get up to full speed!)


The main downside is it's ability to take charge and never be wrong. It also seems to find me to blame for everything that it sees as a fault.


Despite this I wouldn't leave home without her!


Sadly for you all this model is a one off and is no longer available!



You've no idea how much trouble i'm in now!!!

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