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Mick H.

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Clive ... was that the best 'think' you've 'thunk' of then in your whole life, or are you having finger trouble again? Now, then, put the two fingers down, you'll strain summut!


As you are in the know as it were regarding gas systems, I note that you have made it so that you can remove your gas tank if needs be, so I assume it would be easy to put it on a different van by just buying the fittings etc that you had to leave on the original van?

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Hi mick


We had two 11kg gaslow refillable cylinders fitted by Autogas 2000 in Thirsk (North Yorks) and they are the best accessory we have bought.


Easy fill (Autogas fitted their own, very small, filler just beneath the gas locker in the side skirt), no more worries about filling up abroad and the gas is about half price to Calor.


Although I do have a manual changeover fitted I don't bother usinf the gauge. When the first bottle is empty that gives me plenty of warning to get a fill up before the second one is anywhere near empty.


Regards, David

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