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Tyre pressures.


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This subject has been covered a number of times so it may be worth using the search facility,


But just for information you will either need to find out direct from your dealer or try to get a translation of your hand book albeit you may be able to understand the tyre pressure information without the translation.


In the absence of any of this information and quiet possible even with it, you may wish to have your vehicle weighed on a weighbridge loaded as you would hope to use it e.g. with luggage, food, petrol water etc. and record each axle weight, Then contact your tyre manufacturer and ask them to provide you with their preferred operating pressures which could well be a lot different from the motorhome manufactures and may possible give you a more smoother ride


What ever you chose to do, please remember that the tyre pressures could be seen as a contributing fact if you were ever unfortunately to be involved in a accident, so i would make sure that you have some form of written information confirming the pressures you chose ??


Hope that helps


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Your other option is to go to your local Fiat dealer and ask to look at (or buy!) the vehicle handbook for the panel van (or even better the chassis cab version) with the same engine and wheelbase as yours. Use the pressures given in it for the size of tyres you have. If they suggest higher pressures when fully loaded use these.


After all, a motorhome is simply an almost full load on a standard chassis.


This will not work - and you'll have to consult Fiat direct - if CI used the Fiat special motorhome chassis.


Mel E


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