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Hi i am new


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I always do immigrant smoggie, :D :D :D


xx from an immigrant eerie :->


so, Kay - have we frightened you off or are you going to jump right in at the deep end and join the rest of the ladies trying to civilise the boys. *-)


If you want a serious session - steer clear of the Chatterbox forum - that's definitely for the loons; elsewhere you will find us a helpful and sane and polite group of people :D :D





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Welcome to all four new members. I can't ever remember so many new members on one thread - must be Spring! Just a suggestion but it helps to get to know members better if they include some extra detail in their profile e.g. type of outfit. Hope you will enjoy contributing and that you find people helpful, as I am sure you will, if you need any advice.
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Hi ,yep another one, im new too joined a couple of days ago.

ME:- 4 tents .In to ,walking,cycling,sea fishing and travel.

Just spent last weekend camping in Edale,climbed Kinder scout.

Great site,cheap,cafe,walks,caves.......SUMMERS COMING FOLKS!!!!!!

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