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Hi trying to look at the new E789 on the new 700 series Bessacarr .

I have never known such a big company to have such a terrible website .


When these units are far away you have not always the time to go so the next best thing is to look on a site . For such a big company wouldn't you at least think that you could look at pictures of each indiviual model available . No such luck instead you are asked for your post code and sent to the authorised dealer . Swift put out a big glossay mag for the Kon Tiki & Bessacarr why not let you look onthe website ?.. weird.

Anyone else have this problem when looking only to find out that you can't get enugh info?. I wonder if its done deliberate so that you have to go and hopefully fall in love and buy it? In 2007 I wouldn't of thought that it would make it anymore harder work for their IT people just to have some piccys :'(

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