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Depends on your definition of "better"


If better means less rude, less antagonistic, not puerile, more able to admit you are wrong, then yes I would say that those remaining are "better" than banned.


However, I prefer to look at it slightly differently in that I find it hard to believe I or anyone else is "better" than anyone.


But I do think with some of the people that were on here banned, we are certainly better off.


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michele - 2007-10-16 4:25 PM


So that makes us better then ?


as i have already said (i say this a lot on here) i put better in ' ' as a way of showing it may not be the correct word to use, i have then invited others to choose a better word to use instead. So, is there a better way of putting it.


I have given my opinion, whats yours? (on the subject)

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I do not mean to sound pedantic (but that does not stop me according to SWMBO!) but just to say we are "better" is not descriptive enough.


You cannot measure "better" in the same way as "bigger" or "smaller".


But you can measure things like behaviour.


And so I do believe that (in the context of good forum etiquette) those that are left are "better behaved"


As such we are "Better off"

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My late Grandma always said to me 'Manners maketh a man' I think she was right.

However, Grandpa, whilst argeeing with the sentiment, would always add, 'Yes, but not a lady'.


I have no strong opinion for what my Grandpa said so no 'flak' please ladies of the forum!


Regards, Mike

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