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are there any good tv shows on


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looking through the christmas films thread lead me to thinking about tv these days in general, only things i watch at the moment are the reality tv shows and american series lost, 24, heros, prison break and old episodes of friends whats happened to british series. probually why i spend so long on here.
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Oh go away you would miss us :D what would you do all night be a couch potatoe.

Seriously the only things I watch are Documentaries like

Deadliest catch

Crime scene

Ice road truckers


Hitler stuff and war stuff


Some animal shows especially educational

Airplane investigation

trouble is they go round in a circle alot of money that sky is to watch it come back around again gets so you have seen them all.



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Mel B - 2007-12-08 6:52 PM


WhooOOOO, whooooOOOOO, whoooooOOOOoooOOooooOOOOOOOO!


Sorry, bad impression of a 'spook'! :D


Or a time travelling owl?

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