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Saw it said "Hi" and thought it was a thread about cannabis.




Anyway - hi back at ya matey, and welcome to the secure wing of the MMM Towers Home for ther Dazed and Confused.


Just one tip - don't mess with that Janine Matron lady.




Electric shock therapy or chilli oil enemas are a likely result.........





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J9withdogs - 2007-12-29 10:58 AM


:D :D :D


Hi Gareth & welcome - just don't believe 90% of what you read on here, and you'll be OK.


(If you want to talk to sensible people, the Motorhome Matters forum is the place for you!)


Oh, and the naughty step is vacant at the moment Bruce :D



Janine - I did NOT tell you that you could leave the naughty step and get dressed!


Now get yerself back up on it at once, and await my pleasure milady!!










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gaz43 - 2007-12-29 3:49 PM


thank for the welcomes


happy new year to all for 2008

Need more than that Gazza. Mountain bikes and motorhomes sound like the ideal combination of enjoying both your hobby and travelling. I know you said you,re enjoying it, but let us know how you,re getting on and if that Autotrail is living up to expectations.
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hi howie


have not used my downhill bike much this year broke my wrist last year

just before xmas :-( after that wrapped my bike around a tree and bent the forks:$ to expensive to replace at the moment [spending my money on the motorhome instead]

the motorhome is ideal shower,hot food, clean clothes, and a kip before driving home



need to get a towbar bike rack for this one the old one had a rack on it

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Sounds familiar Gaz. Used to do a bit of motorcross, with plaster cast and stiches being the norm.

Might be worth your while to check the forums before fitting that towbar. If you look at the box top right on this page you will see "search". Click on that and then type in "fitting tow bars". Select "all posts" where it says "date limit" and this should give you all the info you need.

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