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Hi Ando & welcome to the forum

Not sure how old your Swift M/H is.

I suspect the Water tank may not have been flushed for a while. Has it had a habitation check recently, if not it may need to be sterilised/ pyrified.

There was a post by Brian Kirby (one of the forum's stalwarts) in late 2006 regarding this as some sterilising agents contain Chlorine (i.e. Milton) which can cause problems withvarious Stainless Steel components.

I copy Brian's post :-

"Most of you will probably have Truma Combi heaters/ water heaters in your 'vans, and will have read Truma's dire warnings about purifying the water system with products containing chlorine. You will also, probably, have read their reccommendation to use a product made by Certisil, but will have drawn a blank when seeking a UK supplier.

You may, therefore, be pleased to know that Certisil products are now available from Miriad Products Ltd of Burton upon Trent, Tel o1283 511883 for details.

Since the product is new to them, they currently have a promotion, and are retailing the products at trade prices. The Microbox, which contains tank and system purifier, de-scaler and de odoriser, plus conservation water treatment is currently £10.18 plus P&P and VAT, £13.72 delivered, and is available direct form them at this price mail order. (I was advised the normal price will be £13.57 plus VAT from the usual retail outlets, once established) Tel 01283 528222 to order. Cards over the 'phone OK.

Hope this is of interest.


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Andy who is no DIY'er fitted the Nature Pure filter to our van with the separate tap, what a difference, gorgeous water for drinking and cooking with no extra bottles to carry or store.


These can be found all over and yes they cost but when you have added the cost of buying and storing the extra weight they soon pay for themselves, especially with peace of mind.


I am sure someone will be along with a link for you soon, my knowledge of computers is not that great.



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